Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How often should I tune my piano?

    For most home pianos with low to moderate use, every six months is recommended. Pianos with heavy use, teachers, and schools, three to four times a year is recommended. Tunings for concerts are done for each event, usually on the same day as the event. No piano, including the never to seldom used, should go without tuning more than a year.

  2. What else needs to be done to my piano?

    Your piano occasionally needs to be regulated. This means to adjust all of the moving parts so that they work correctly to provide maximum efficiency. Some concert halls and Universities do this annually. Depending on the amount of use, most home pianos are done from between 5 and 20 years. Your technician can advise you. Voicing, the treatment of the hammers to obtain the best sound, should also be done occasionally. Most home pianos should have this done every few years. Professional use can require voicing often. Your technician can advise you.

  3. How should I protect my piano?

    It is important to protect your piano from extreme fluctuations of humidity and heat. Avoid direct sunlight and keep the piano from close proximity to fire places, heater and air conditioning vents, and windows without coverings. Drinks and food should be kept away from pianos. Covering strings with a felt covering keeps the dust out of the piano. Pianos in climates near the ocean or lakes need a felt string covering to protect strings from rusting.

  4. What cities do you most serve as an Arizona Piano Tuner?

    Throughout the week I can be found all around the Phoenix area in your homes doing a Mesa AZ piano tuning, Phoenix piano tuning, Chandler piano tuning, Scottsdale piano tuning, Tempe piano tuning, Gilbert AZ piano tuning, and you'll even find me as far south as a Queencreek AZ piano tuner.